Olim Against the Deportation of Refugees



The government must not proceed with the deportation of the asylum seekers. We demand a system that accurately assesses the claim of asylum seekers and abides by international law. We are all refugees, and in addition to legal duty, we have a moral and ethical duty as the Jewish people. We can host these people, and they have a contribution to make to Israel and Israeli society

Leah Hecht (Tel aviv, 2018-02-03)


I made Aliyah because I believed in a State of Israel built on a foundation of Jewish values but when I came here I found that the state has failed to uphold these values. The way which Israel treats asylum seekers makes me feel a deep sense of shame for what my people have become.

Andrea Gagne (תל אביב, 2018-02-03)


The refugees, aside from deserving to be treated with dignity and respect, provide a net economic benefit to the country. Expelling them is not only cruel, it's stupid.

David Schwartz (Raanana , 2018-02-03)


As the daughter of Holocaust survivors, I cannot sit back and watch something like this happen our country. We of all people should serve as a model to the rest of the world that we are responsible for taking care of those who cannot advocate for themselves!

Hannah Schwartz (Raanana, 2018-02-03)


According to the government's own statistics there are many more illegal residents from the former USSR who came in 2016 as tourists and never left than there are Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers. Why are you focused only on the dark-skinned refugees? Why this racism?
As the child of Jewish illegal refugees to Canada in 1939, my sympathies are with the people who are trying to survive in a hostile world. Where is Israel's compassion?

רחל טרייסטר (כפר סבא, 2018-02-03)


As the descendent of Holocaust survivors and people who did not survive the Holocaust due to not being able to find safe refuge, I cannot morally support Israel sending asylum seekers and refugees to unsafe countries that may deport them to Sudan or Eritrea. It is unconscionable and makes me ashamed to be a new Israeli. I believe I speak for a substantial amount of Americans when I state that 'never again' must not only mean the Jewish people but anyone suffering from genocide.

Devon Spitzer (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-03)


To be a light unto the nations means we must live our values, not simply talk about them. I cannot condone the deportation of asylum seekers. It is just wrong. Israel can and should do better to truly be a Jewish democratic state.

Joanne Moore (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-03)


I didnt done aliya but my parants and all my family done.
Stop the Deportation !!!!

Jess Belete (אשדוד, 2018-02-03)


After the Holocaust, my parents were stateless Jews for many, many years. I remember well, their feelings of insecurity and fear that they could be deported for any slightest thing and how this impacted my childhood and feelings of never belonging.... Surely, our Sudanese and Eritrean refugees have been through more than their fair share already?

Lydia Hayman (Ra'anana, 2018-02-03)


As a nation we know what it is to need help and not to receive it. We have a long history of bringing persecuted people to safety. We're all human and all deserve to live safely.

Jonathan Serfaty (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-03)


Everyone should have a right to refuge l.

Tania Bird (Ginaton, 2018-02-03)


How could I not sign this petition, taking into account the brutal atrocities of Jewish history. Deportation to places endangering the lives of deportees is not the Jewish way.

Tami Lehman-Wilzig (Kfar Saba, 2018-02-03)


אנחנו גרים במדינה יהודית שאמורה להיות מבוססת על ערכים יהודיים

ברוך ולאמן (חנתון, 2018-02-03)


אסור לשלוח פליטים למותם.

Morris Alper (תל אביב-יפו, 2018-02-03)


I'm signing this petition because deporting refugees makes me truly ashamed to be an Israeli citizen. It is morally inexcusable, unjustifiable and totally hypocritical to pass such laws. Where is our human compassion and understanding? We, as Israelis, have a moral obligation to never turn a blind eye to the refugee crises, let alone send them back into the terror! We must help in any way possible.

Naomi Kay (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-03)


Our country should be treating these people so much better!

ג׳קלין מאוטנר (תל אביב, 2018-02-03)


I am signing because I believe that this is wrong to send the asylum seekers away and this is the first time I am truly embarrassed of Israel.

גבריאלה לרנר (קרית טיבעון, 2018-02-03)


I agree with everything written.

Gemma Morgan (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-03)


These HUMAN BEINGS deserve our compassion. They were never the source of any of Israel's problems, but with better policy, they could be part of a solution. If only our government could find the strength and courage to make the right policy decisions.

Cygal Pellach (תל אביב, 2018-02-03)



Lerone Lessner (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-03)


Injustice being done to refugees from Eritrea and Sudan.

Jess Nach (Tell Aviv, 2018-02-03)


כי גרים היינו היינו בארץ מצרים, ופליטים היינו במשך כל ההיסטוריה שלנו.

מאוריסיו לפצ׳יק (תל אביב, 2018-02-03)


Until each asylum seeker can submit a request and individual evaluations are done, deportation is not an option.

שרון בן חיים (קטורה, 2018-02-03)


Deportation of these refugees is not the way. There cases need to be looked at one by one. If they are law abiding, they should not be deported!

Sigahl Silvera (Hod Hasharon, 2018-02-03)


We cannot send refugees to an uncertain fate in another country.

יפה שוחט (ירושלים, 2018-02-03)


The Jewish values I was taught growing up included welcoming the stranger. Additionally many of my relatives were murdered during the Shoah. Those who survived were welcomed by my grandfather into his home the US and have become contributing members of the US.

Victoria Elsberg (Modiin, 2018-02-03)


אני חותם כי אני יהודי. ואני זוכר מה זה להיות יהודי.לאומת ראש הממשלה שכנראה שכח מה זה להיות יהודי.

דוד קורץ (תל אביב - יפו, 2018-02-03)


בושה. פשוט בושה.

אנטון מרקס (נצרת עילית, 2018-02-04)


מה שהממשלה של המדינה היהודית מתכוונת לעשות נגד כל ערך יהודיי

אד טרייסטר (כפר סבא, 2018-02-04)


These people are just like you and i. Hardworking people that are doing their best to integrate into society. They don't deserve to be persecuted, especially as we are a race who have suffered much persecution like this.

Chloe Sandler (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-04)


I am signing because it is impossible for me to believe that the Jewish State, a state that is founded by refugees on Jewish law and ethics could even consider sending people to their deaths instead of trying to protect them. Please respect and help these people. Please let Israel show that they are the guiding light unto nations.

ארין לונדון (נו יורק, 2018-02-04)


Deporting refugees requesting asylum who have suffered severe and horrific trauma and abuse, is inhumane and immoral.

אלה צ׳פק (רמת גן, 2018-02-04)


יש לנו חובה מוסרית לשמור על הגר. זה עד כדי כך פשוט.

Debbie Perla (חנתון, 2018-02-04)


It is important to me! If Israel will deport this people it will be the most unethical unjewish and inhuman thing!

קרולין ואנה (תל אביב, 2018-02-04)


I believe that the only Jewish country in the world has a moral obligation to protect people seeking a safe and better life. We cannot send people away to a place they ran away from, or a place they did not choose.

Esther Fellman (Hod Hasharon , 2018-02-04)


כי יש לי מצפון!

ריצ'רד גולדשטיין (קיבוץ קטורה, 2018-02-04)


I'm signing because as a Jew I must do everything to help people in need, especially refugees.

מאטה מסרוש (נתניה, 2018-02-04)


מצפון יהודי - מעולם לא האמנתי שמדינה יהודית יכולה להיות כל כך אכזרית וחסרת חמלה

ג'רמי לי (ירושלים, 2018-02-04)


I'm signing because I want to build a Jewish home that is based on freedom, justice and peace, and that ensures complete equality of social and political rights.

Jonathan Epstein (Haifa, 2018-02-04)


I am signing because I believe that the State of Israel has a moral responsibility to all refugees, and I want this country, MY country, to be a safe and equal place for all.

יסף ורשאי (טבריה, 2018-02-04)


It's the right thing to do

Elias Sandler (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-04)


"כי גרים הייתם בארץ מצרים"

Hannah Waxman (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-04)


I am a Jew.

דארן כהן (תל אביב , 2018-02-04)


It’s the right thing to do.

גרג דורפמן (חיפה, 2018-02-04)


I as a Jew know what it is like to be a stranger in a strange land. But I know that the hardships I faced are nothing compared to the hardships of the refugees who have found a safe home here, just as I have. Loving our neighbors and welcoming the stranger are integral to what Judaism is and needs to be at the center of what our Jewish society creates

בריאה גריי (קיבוץ אשבל, 2018-02-04)


I'm the grandchild of refugees - two of my grandparents were Holocaust survivors, and one grandfather fled endless army service in Russia. It's our historic responsibility as Jews, our moral responsibility as human beings and the State of Israel's responsibility under the international law we ourselves helped to create to offer Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers claiming they are escaping war, genocide and oppressive regimes - as my grandparents did - due process in determining their refugee status. There is no excuse for deporting them without giving them RSD interviews. It's wrong and an enormous embarrassment to the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

Shoshana Rosenbaum (Jerusalem, 2018-02-04)


I'm signing because I am appalled that the Jewish state, created in order to provide a home for the homeless, is not functioning according to international law and basic human decency towards these most unfortunate asylum seekers.

Melanie Sobell Zaken (ירושלים, 2018-02-04)


Refugees are humans too and we have the obligation to protect their human rights.

Jennifer Levy (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-04)


I am a Jewish citizen-by-choice of the state of Israel and I refuse to stand I idly by while it sends thousands of refugees to their deaths

Sophia Mivasair (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-04)


This is not aceptable.

יאניק לבקוביץ (תל אביב יפו, 2018-02-04)


Deportation- Not in my name ..

Diddy Mymin Kahn (Herzliya, 2018-02-04)


Because it's the right thing to do.

Lance Maresky (תל אביב, 2018-02-04)


כי גר הייתי בארץ מצרים

Jack Levy (רעננה, 2018-02-04)


It is inherently Jewish to stand up for what’s right, and this ain’t right.

גבריאל כצמן (טבריה, 2018-02-04)


I am Jewish and I cannot abide by the proposed deportation of those whose lives are in jeopardy.

Lauren Dellar (Jerusalem, 2018-02-04)


Jewish values demand that we do not do to others what was done to us, but choose to do to others what we would have done to us. How can any human send another human to his possible death? Especially with our history...

Angela Godfrey-Goldstein (Jerusalem, 2018-02-04)


The actions of the Israeli government are so un-Jewish, and the opposite of Jewish values.

Ricki Lieberman (Yafo, 2018-02-04)


I am also an immigrant. I can go back to my birth country and be safe (even though it's under the budding dictatorship of Donald Trump), these people cannot go back. These people are not migrants, they are refugees fleeing violent situations. By the way, we have met many of these people. They are the invisible people that are washing your dishes at the restaurant and cleaning the bathrooms in the Country Club. They are doing jobs that Israelis don't want.

Pamela Azaria (Ramat HaSharon, 2018-02-04)


I want to live in a country that doesn't commit crimes against humanity and takes its own history seriously enough to understand that it wouldn't even exist, had it not been for people trying to save other people's lives.

Veronica Lion (Jerusalem, 2018-02-04)


Israel should be a country that provide refugee to all, not just Jews.

Sarah Friedman (Skokie, 2018-02-04)


חזק ואמץ

דניאל רוט (תל אביב, 2018-02-04)


Cause ones we'd been the ones fleeing... We should know better

אילת קוך (מבשרת, 2018-02-05)


A Jewish state with Jewish values means valuing the lives of all humans

Avigail Schondorf (Jerusalem, 2018-02-05)


As a Jew, I can't turn my back on people who are refugees. It will not harm Israel.

Sunita Staneslow (Yafo, 2018-02-05)


וְגֵר לֹא תִלְחָץ וְאַתֶּם יְדַעְתֶּם אֶת נֶפֶשׁ הַגֵּר כִּי גֵרִים הֱיִיתֶם בְּאֶרֶץ מִצְרָיִם

עליזה סטרנגר (קיבוץ קטורה, 2018-02-05)


Ethnonationalism is bad

סמואל תל (חיפה, 2018-02-05)


Deportation of refugees is completely antithetical to a Jewish state. The lessons we have learned from our cruel history do not merely apply to ourselves. Our culture and our biblical commandments demand that we are a kind and compassionate people. Deportation will have the very real effect of sending other human beings to their death or to meet other cruel fates. WE CAN NOT AND MUST NOT CREATE THIS STAIN ON OUR HISTORY!

אביטל פרנס (תל אביב , 2018-02-05)


Every year on Yom Hashoa we say, "Never Again." We must hold true to these words.

Rena Forester (Tel Aviv, 2018-02-05)


בתור אוהב את עם ישראל, את מסורת של עם ישראל, ואת צורת עם ישראל, בנוסף להיסטוריון אנטישמיות ורדיפת היהודים במהלך ההיסטוריה שמעריך ומעריץ חסידי אומות עולם שנתנו בחום לבם מקלט מנדידה ומקלט מטבח ליהודים, אני מתנשא בעול של קבלת האחר, במיוחד הגר בסכנת חייו. עלינו לשמור על הפליטים

ויקטור אייזק טרנטו (ירושלים, 2018-02-05)

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